Anchorage Cops for Community
PO Box 230330
Anchorage, AK 99523 
Angie Fraize - President
Officer Angie Fraize currently works at the Anchorage Police Department Training Center and has been in law enforcement for 17 years. Angie was born and raised in Alaska and is raising children of her own with her husband, also an Anchorage Police Officer. Angie hopes to bring a passion for volunteerism and service to the broad spectrum of residents in Anchorage.
Margaret Bergman - Treasurer
Detective Margaret Bergman currently works at the Anchorage Police Department in the Burglary Unit and has been in law enforcement since 2000. Margaret was a School Resource Officer and DARE officer. Margaret wants to develop proactive outreach that supports building relationships with the community and law enforcement.
Capt. Kim Conkling - Secretary
Capt Kim Conkling serves in the Alaska National Guard and leads the Counterdrug Support Program. AC4C aligns well with both the outreach efforts of Counterdrug and with Kim’s own interests as a supporter of law enforcement officers.
Brian Schaffer - Advisory Council
Brian Schaffer is the Homeless Families Transition Coordinator for Catholic Social Services. Brian focuses on partnering with local agencies to help homeless families find permanent housing and increase their level of self-sufficiency. He is leading by example by mobilizing communities to love their neighbors through acts of compassion and words of life.
Jon Butler - Board Member
Shalon Harrington - Board Member
Brianne Bowers - Vice Chair
Brianne is the Communication Officer for the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association and Board Member of AC4C. Brianne is a dispatcher for APD and has a passion for advocating for others and volunteering.
Bob Doehl - Board Member
Retired Colonel Bob Doehl is a founding member of Anchorage Cops for Community. He has served as the Commissioner for the State of Alaska Military and Veterans Affairs. Bob has had a long and decorated military career and is an avid volunteer.
Shiloh Powell - Advisory Council
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