Anchorage Cops for Community
PO Box 230330
Anchorage, AK 99523 
Marcos Weinrick - Chairperson
Margaret Bergman - Treasurer
Detective Margaret Bergman currently works at the Anchorage Police Department in the Burglary Unit and has been in law enforcement since 2000. Margaret was a School Resource Officer and DARE officer. Margaret wants to develop proactive outreach that supports building relationships with the community and law enforcement.
Jon Butler - Board Member
Shalon Harrington - Vice President
Bob Doehl - Secretary
Retired Colonel Bob Doehl is a founding member of Anchorage Cops for Community. He has served as the Commissioner for the State of Alaska Military and Veterans Affairs. Bob has had a long and decorated military career and is an avid volunteer. Bob currently works at the Municipality of Anchorage.
MJ Thim - Board Member
MJ is the Director of Public Relations for the Anchorage Police Department.
Shiloh Powell - Advisory Council
LaFewt Knox - Advisory Council
Mark Mailloux - Board Member
Mark Mailloux is a Services-Account Manager for The Chariot Group. ​​As a Board member of Anchorage Cops for Community Mark enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with an esteemed group of dedicated community members and the men and women of law enforcement (Cops) who bravely put themselves at risk on our behalf every day. The end goal is to build and maintain a strong sense of community with a common desire to live and safely thrive together in a Community we call Home-Anchorage.
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